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Photo of the Fernandez Family
The Fernández brothers in Long Island today

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The Fernandez brothers as children
The Fernández brothers as children
in the Dominican Republic

Los Hermanos Fernández: Dominican Bachata Group


César, Alex, and Isidro Fernández were born in the small town of Sabana Grande de Boyá in the Dominican Republic and now live in North Babylon. Among the youngest of thirteen brothers and sisters, they enjoyed playing music together as children. César played accordion, tambora drum and güira, a metal scraper, while Alex and Isidro learned bass guitar, bongos and other percussion instruments. As teenagers they formed a group called Los Insólitos to play merengue típico, or traditional merengue music from the Dominican countryside. Their father had once played típico as well, both on button accordion and harmonica. After moving to the U.S. in 1992, the brothers decided to focus instead on bachata, a style of romantic guitar music. Now known as Los Hermanos Fernández, they are popular performers in Long Island and New York City and they recently released their second CD. César plays lead guitar, Alex, rhythm guitar, and Isidro plays bongos; they are accompanied by friends on bass guitar, güira, and sometimes keyboards. The Fernández brothers have been involved with Long Island Traditions’ arts-in-education programs for the past year and enjoy teaching students of all ages about Dominican music.